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CCSD21 a school is comprised of 13 schools across 6 different communities in Illinois.


Community Consolidated School District 21 serves nearly 7,000 students in 13 schools across 6 communities in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Longfellow Elementary School serves students through 5th grade. School starts at 9:00 AM and ends at 3:30 PM daily.

Longfellow Family Picnic

May 23, 2018

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Longfellow Family Picnic Details

On our last day of school, June 1st from 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm, we will have a final “Send Off, Thank You, and Goodbye” Picnic for Mr. Herrejon, who, as you know, will be retiring at the end of this school year.  We hope to make this a bigger/better event each year!  Here are some additional details and suggestions for your family for that day!

Who:  All Longfellow Families are invited to join us.  Grandparents/babysitters are welcome too!

When:  June 1, 2018

Time:  12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

What might YOU need to bring:  OPTIONAL ITEMS

1.  a blanket for your family to sit on

2.  a cooler with ice/drinks

3.  food for your family (order out or bring a picnic lunch)

4.  plates, napkins, cups, or utensils if necessary

5.  wagon to help carry your things is a great idea


Parking will NOT be available at the school.  If at all possible, please consider walking.


1.  Can my child still buy hot lunch/milk or their regular lunch box?  YES

2.  Can I leave earlier than 2:00 PM?  YES!  After 1:00 pm, the teachers are back in charge and they will bring classes back inside anytime after 1:15 pm, but most will stay outside at 2:00 pm.

3.  What if I can’t come?  Where or Who will my child sit with?  The grade level will have a blanket for kids that need a place to sit.  Children can also sit with other friends/families/neighbors that they know.**

4.  What happens when my kids finish eating?  Once your kids have eaten, they are free to play, as usual at recess.  All recess rules still apply for them.

For those families participating in the 5th grade activities, please follow the schedule as noted in your previous email. 

If there is rain, a follow up email will be sent the day before or that morning.

**Note from the Nurse:  Please keep in mind students may have food allergies. Please do not share food with other students outside of your family.