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501 South Arlington Heights Road
Buffalo Grove, Illinois 60089

Phone: 847-520-2755



CCSD21 a school is comprised of 13 schools across 6 different communities in Illinois.


Community Consolidated School District 21 serves nearly 7,000 students in 13 schools across 6 communities in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Longfellow Elementary School serves students through 5th grade. School starts at 9:00 AM and ends at 3:30 PM daily.

Weather Announcement

August 25, 2018

Topic: Updates

Cooling Plan for Longfellow School

On hot days, Longfellow has a cooling plan in place for students.  Students in all grades rotate into our air conditioned spaces throughout the day for one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon.  Our air conditioned spaces include our library, art room, staff lounge, MPR, and tech lab. Students are encouraged to keep a water bottle at their desk and our staff are regularly monitoring students with regard to hydration.  When weather allows, the second floor windows remain open overnight. If temperatures drop overnight, the cooler air can circulate throughout the building.


Our staff members are committed to maintaining a learning environment that is as comfortable as possible for our students.  Please know the final decision for students attending school on warm days is at the discretion of the parent/guardian of each child.  If a parent/guardian chooses to keep a student home due to the weather, please let us know when you call in the absence and it will be considered an excused absence.